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Made-to-measure protection for your apartment
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Get an online quote for your apartment and save 10% on your home insurance! Also available on your mobile. Learn more!

Insuring Your Apartment

Take advantage of tenant insurance for less than $0.75 a day*

Because every tenant is different, we offer made-to-measure protection, whether you live in Montreal, Quebec City or a rural area. Insure your apartment for less than you think and save yourself a lot of headaches!

Insuring your apartment is essential

Would you be able to pay the costs if

  • Water from your washing machine leaked into your neighbour's apartment and damaged walls and hardwood floors?
  • You accidentally caused a fire in the building?

With tenant insurance from Desjardins Insurance, we've got you covered.

Your needs Our coverage includes

Protection in the event of accidental damage or injury to others

Civil liability insurance

Protection for your personal property against most damage:

All-risk insurance

Personalize your home insurance coverage with our optional protection.

Did you know?

If your car is stolen:

  • any accessories (like seat covers and ski racks) are covered by your auto insurance
  • items left in the vehicle (like your camera or laptop) are covered by your home insurance

It's important to make an inventory of your property as it will greatly simplify the claims process after a loss.

Tips for saving on your home insurance premium

  • Have you lived at the same address for at least two years? Benefit from additional savings on your home insurance premium
  • Save by insuring your vehicle and your home with us
  • Reduce your home insurance premium by increasing your deductible
  • Dependent students living in their own apartment may be covered by their parents' home insurance policy at no additional cost
  • Get an online quote for your apartment insurance and save 10%.
  • Other tips to help you save

Learn more about home insurance

Get an online quote for your apartment and save 10% on your insurance.

*This cost is an estimate based on the average annual premium (before taxes) paid by tenants insured with Desjardins Insurance, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

This document is provided for information purposes only. Full conditions and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy.


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