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Environmentally friendly driving tips

With the cost of gasoline reaching historic highs, car industry experts have been pushing the importance of fuel-efficiency because it saves people money. But preserving the environment may be another reason why commuters should go green.

Peter Christianson, president of Young Drivers of Canada, has helped put together a list of suggestions motorists can adopt to reduce their carbon footprint.

"Earth Day is a great time to remind drivers that their actions can really make a difference," said Christianson. "Starting the change on Earth Day is important. Even greater, continuing eco-friendly driving habits all year round will have a huge impact on our communities."

Included among the tips is to reduce speed gradually at traffic lights rather than all at once, avoiding heavy acceleration and consolidating several trips down to one by planning in advance.

Fewer carbon emissions can lead to a greener planet, but it can also have motorists seeing more green. How much a person travels affects their auto insurance rates, and reducing their mileage may lead to lower premiums.


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