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Made-to-measure protection for your first house

Insuring Your First Home

Get Outstanding, Personalized Coverage

Make sure your investment is well protected

Are you a first-time homeowner? It's a major milestone in your life!

From construction (or renovation) to decoration, not to mention landscaping, you'll devote a lot of time and money to your home, so it's worth making sure you're properly insured!

Get made-to-measure home insurance

With Desjardins Insurance, you benefit from comprehensive coverage plus you can personalize your home insurance to suit your situation.

Civil liability insurance

Protect yourself in the event of accidental damage or injury to others, for instance

  • Your paper carrier trips on the broom you forgot on the stairs and sues you for the injuries he sustained.

All-risk insurance

Protect your personal property against:

Other optional coverage may be added to your policy to suit your needs, for instance

  • Your pool collapses under the weight of snow. With above-ground pool coverage, we cover repair or replacement costs*.

Did you know?

If your car is stolen:

  • any accessories (like seat covers and ski racks) are covered by your auto insurance
  • while items left in the vehicle (like your camera or laptop) are covered by your home insurance

Tips to save on your home insurance premium

  • Save 5% on your home insurance premium by insuring your vehicle and your home with us
  • Reduce your home insurance premium by increasing your deductible
  • Other tips on how to save

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* Certain conditions apply.

This text is intended as a guide. Full conditions and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy.


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